Kanye West is coming to SINGAPORE!! – Singapore Indoor Stadium

I’m so excited. Big names like Kanye West is going to perform live in Singapore. I wanna watch him!

Kanye West's white specs? Pretty Cool!

Kanye West White ... specs?

Haha i was searching on the net for Kayne West Singapore unfortunately nothing came out. Well, now i know the right spelling to one of my favourite Hip Hop singer.  His latest album is Graduation and it has also won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album 2008.

Tickets are kinda expensive though. Free Standing at the front for $188 and $148. Wish i could get upclose and personal with him. But maybe the Reserved Seating at the terrace would be more affordable for me. $148, $118 and $88. 

His works includes “Stronger”, “Gold Digger” and  “Homecoming”.

Graduation- Kanye West

Graduation- Kanye West

Anyone need the link for ticketing for the Singapore performance, it is at SISTIC Tickets.
Any sponsors for me?  Hee.

Video for “Stronger”

Video for “Homecoming”

One comment

  1. Hi, I’m selling a pair of day 2 tickets at $100. Would you be interested to purchase them since you’re a huge Kanye fan? I would like to raise funds to watch 30 Seconds To Mars on Day 3. Thanks! 🙂

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