JJ World Tour 2009 – Taking Off From Singapore


JJ World Tour 2009
JJ 林俊傑世界巡迴演唱會2009

28 Mar 2009
Sat, 08:00PM

Singapore Indoor Stadium

S$148, S$128, S$108, S$78



Homegrown protégé JJ Lin returns to kick start his brand new world tour from Singapore!

Following the success of his debut “Just JJ World Tour” in 2006 which toured six cities, this sophomore effort “JJ World Tour 2009” promises to deliver yet another astounding performance, albeit one that will return to the basics and let JJ’s music take centre stage.

Known for his ability to churn out catchy rhythms and hit songs that have dominated music charts in the region, fans can expect to be awed and thrilled by JJ’s sleek dance moves and hits such as “浆油条” (Soy Milk and Dough Sticks), “编号89757” (No. 89757), “江南” (River South), “杀手” (The Killer), “一千年以后” (A Thousand Years Later), “对你说” (Only Told You), “木乃伊” (The Mummy), “曹操” (Cao Cao), “西界” (Westside), and songs from his newly released sixth album “Sixology”.

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