Up close with Craig David! Right here in Singapore!



Craig David – Greatest Hits Tour


8 Apr 2009
Wed, 08:00PM

The MAX Pavilion@Singapore Expo

$128, $108, $88


Renowned R&B singer/songwriter, Craig David, will be performing with his band as part of his Greatest Hits Tour in Singapore on Wednesday, April, 8th 2009.


The Greatest Hits Tour will feature the chart-topping singles from all 4 albums with hits such as ‘Fill Me In’, ‘7 Days’, ‘Walking Away’, ‘What’s your Flava?”, Hot Stuff, ‘Rewind’ (with Artful Dodger), ‘Rise & Fall’ (with Sting) and including his latest single, ‘Insomnia’ which is on high rotation on the radio here.




Oh man, I always sang to his songs like the sexy “7 Days”, “What’s Your Flava?”, “Rise and Fall” and even his latest single “Insomnia”.

He’s always so suggestive and sings all about his fantasies and dreams of sexy times with his numerous girls all around town. Haha.

However, in times on econonic downturn, i suppose it would not be wise for me to spend the money on this… 😦 If you notice, his Cat 1 is priced not that high also.

At least the organizer noticed our difficulties too.


Video of Craig’s song, Fill Me In.

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