Month: March 2009

Aaron Kwok De Show Reel Concert – photos



Aaron Kwok is just… Manly. He’s got a chiselled jawline with big sparkling eyes and ever flawless skin. Topped with the perfect hair that he always have… Isn’t he irrisistable??

Charming at his age of 43?? *meltZ*

Some photos that i found for your viewling pleasure… as well as mine. Hee




House Discopark Presents Kelley Polar – Lush

House Discopark Presents Kelley Polar – Live!kelley-polar-singapore1

25 Apr


House, Dempsey Hill

$45, $38



Set in lush Dempsey Hill, House Discopark is a brand new concert series that brings the world’s most exciting electronic live acts to Singapore for the first time. One of 2008’s top artists according to TimeOut, Pitchfork and FACT, Kelley is at the forefront of the nu-disco revolution. With a spectacular live show incorporating a full band and fantastical costumes, his Singapore debut is not to be missed.


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