Tsai Chin 2009 The New Endless Love – Singapore

Tsai Chin 2009 The New Endless Love



23 May 2009
Sat, 8pm


Singapore Indoor Stadium

S$168, S$148, S$128, S$98, S$78


The perennial favorite of many music aficionados, Taiwanese evergreen diva, Tsai Chin, returns to the Singapore Indoor Stadium this May. “Tsai Chin 2009 The New Endless Love” is a continuation of her last sold out critically acclaimed “Tsai Chin 2007 The Endless Love” tour.

In addition to her classics such as “被遗忘的时光” (The Forgotten Times), “恰似你的温柔” (Just Like Your Tenderness), “最后一夜” (The Last Night), “读你” (Reading You), “你的眼神” (Your Eyes), “抉择” (Choice), “点亮霓虹灯” (Lighting Up The Neon Lights), this new tour will also see Tsai Chin belting out popular songs from the 70s to present day, and her very own rendition of hits by Jacky Cheung (张学友), Phil Chang (张宇), Angus Tong (童安格), Wang Jie (王杰) and more.

Known for her naturally magnetic rich vocals and witty persona, fans can expect an enchanting evening and nothing less in this one night only performance by Tsai Chin.

This event is brought to you by UnUsUaL Entertainment.

2007 年『蔡琴 不了情 经典老歌 新加坡演唱会』深获好评,所到城市场场爆满。

在广大观众的一再催促及期盼下,2009 年的 5 月,蔡琴将带着『蔡琴 2009 新不了情 新加坡演唱会』与大家见面!


有一句话对蔡琴的形容最为经典唱得好的没她说得好,说得好的没她唱得好。蔡琴的演唱会一直都是绝佳听觉享受的保证,『蔡琴 2009 新不了情 新加坡演唱会』也将不例外。

演唱会是由UnUsUaL Entertainment 带给您。

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