Aaron Kwok De Show Reel Live In Concert 2009 郭富城 Singapore


Aaron Kwok De Show Reel Live In Concert 09

30 May 2009
Sat, 8:00PM

Singapore Indoor Stadium

S$248, S$208, S$188, S$148, S$88


Aaron Kwok’s De Show Reel Concert was recognized by the Guinness World Record Committee in February 2008 for the largest revolving indoor stage. This is the first time a Chinese singer has been awarded the Guinness World Record for a concert! He kicked off 16 shows of the much talked-about De Show Reel World Tour at Hong Kong Coliseum!

It is no wonder that his stage performances have won him acclaim and resulted in his being dubbed by the entertainment industry as the “King of Stage”.

Aaron Kwok, Asia’s “King of Dance” as well as one of Cantopop’s Four Heavenly Kings will thrill the Singapore audience by performing his chart-busting songs on a 10 by 9 meter, 450 degree revolving stage. During the show, the stage will take Aaron back and forth as it rotates vertically and horizontally!

The concerts were a triumph and were billed as “The Most Outstanding and Spectacular Concerts of the Year” by the regional media due largely for its outstanding stage design & props , complete with a 4-sided “water catwalk”, extravagant costumes and energetic choreography!

The Singapore audience can now be a part of this electrifying concert experience! Aaron will be bringing with him the crew that built the world record stage.

Spectacular turning and twisting of the lighted Stage!



列入健力士世界纪录 (Guinness World Records),成为全球演唱会中最大的旋转舞台,此奖誉亦是首度由华人歌手的演唱会所创下的光荣纪录。舞台王者「郭富城」在香港共现出十六场「舞林正传」演唱会,反应空前热烈!





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  1. We had bought the concert tickets already. We believe and will always believe Aaron Kwok is the best.

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