deadmau5 set to perform FREE show at Ice Palace in Miami

Deadmau5 to perform in Kuala Lumpur in the Future Music Festival next month.

Wish we could all attend this free concert!

Music Junkie Press

Deadmau5 is set to return to Miami to perform a free show for his fans. Earlier in the year, deadmau5 expressed his grievance about an event of his which featured VIP/table crowd. The Ice Palace in Miami is a 60,000 square foot studio space and warehouse and can accommodate 4,000 guests for an all access show.

The venue reached out to deadmau5 in an open letter which reads:



Dear JoelΒ deadmau5

We read with great interest about your recent show in Miami, and your concerns about fans being placed in the back of the venue while trust fund kids paid premium prices to be placed in front of the DJ booth…

We would like to extend an invitation for you to make these fans happy by hosting a free show for them at our legendary venue, Space. We will extend complimentary admission to all…

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