The O’Jays – Successful Live Performances

Today I was learning about live performances and it’s development in the US.

The O’Jay made it big, and till today they do perform from time to time. Amazing!

Here is a few clips of them back in the days and a couple from the past few years.

O’Jays Backstabbers performance back in 1970s.
Fantastic! I’m starting to love their songs. It’s quite timeless. I could listen to these all weekend. Notice the way the group dance in synchrony and play with the mike stand. Classic!

Another clip of then in 1977. For the love of Money.
I really like the bass guitar’s melody. It’s a signature. Interesting how tunes and specific melody and beats can immediately remind you of certain things.

2003 – Awesome medley. I don’t know all the songs but everyone should be able to recognize “Money, money, money” tune For the Love of Money at 2:03, popularized by the reality tv show staring Donald Trump – The Apprentice.


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