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Up close with Craig David! Right here in Singapore!



Craig David – Greatest Hits Tour


8 Apr 2009
Wed, 08:00PM

The MAX Pavilion@Singapore Expo

$128, $108, $88


Renowned R&B singer/songwriter, Craig David, will be performing with his band as part of his Greatest Hits Tour in Singapore on Wednesday, April, 8th 2009.


The Greatest Hits Tour will feature the chart-topping singles from all 4 albums with hits such as ‘Fill Me In’, ‘7 Days’, ‘Walking Away’, ‘What’s your Flava?”, Hot Stuff, ‘Rewind’ (with Artful Dodger), ‘Rise & Fall’ (with Sting) and including his latest single, ‘Insomnia’ which is on high rotation on the radio here.




Oh man, I always sang to his songs like the sexy “7 Days”, “What’s Your Flava?”, “Rise and Fall” and even his latest single “Insomnia”.

He’s always so suggestive and sings all about his fantasies and dreams of sexy times with his numerous girls all around town. Haha.

However, in times on econonic downturn, i suppose it would not be wise for me to spend the money on this… 😦 If you notice, his Cat 1 is priced not that high also.

At least the organizer noticed our difficulties too.


Video of Craig’s song, Fill Me In.


王力宏 Wang Lee Hom’s Music-Man World Tour – Singapore

Lee Hom’s Music-Man World Tour would be coming to Singapore on 1st November 2008! Tickets for the Taipei concert sold out within 2 hours, and I am sure the concert here would be a sell-out as well! Love his songs like 永遠的第一天 and 唯一 from his earlier albums. Oohhh, Lee Hom sure knows how to work his charm!

I’m got my priority tickets with my OCBC Credit Card.  Hee. Only OCBC Credit Card holders get to buy first from 19th August to 2nd September, after which it will be released to the public.  The most expensive tickets would be $198, followed by $168, $138, $108, $78, $28.

Kiss Goodbye MTV


唯一 Only one <– Preview his signature song One and only one. Meltzz….

Heard that at the concert, fans can expect to be a night of astounding visual sound and lighting effects, all in rolled one futuristic extravaganza! Be thrilled by LEE HOM’s remarkable showmanship of music hits such as “改變自己”, “落葉歸根”, “永遠的第一天”, “FOREVER LOVE”, “心中的日月”, “唯一”, “蓋世英雄”, “KISS GOODBYE” as well as songs from his brand new album at this highly anticipated performance! 

Visit the following link to if you want to get tickets too,  http://www.sistic.com.sg/