Sandy Lam also coming to Singapore Indoor Stadium

林憶蓮 傷痕 Sandy Lam

Some Wiki Facts :  She began her singing career in 1984 when she’s 18.

Sandy is famous for her small slit eyes. Gentle and approchable look.  





Sandy Lam Beady Eyes

Sandy Lam Beady Eyes


Sandy Lam rose to fame in Hong Kong in the mid 80s with a string of up-tempo Japanese style songs. Lam gained instant popularity in Taiwan with her debut Mandarin release “愛上一個不回家的人” (Home Again Without You) in 1991.

愛上一個不回家的人 MTV

In 1995, she teamed up with Jonathan Lee, known as Taiwan’s music godfather, and released her 4th Mandarin album Love, Sandy featuring a hit single “傷痕” (Scars), which became one of the all time best selling Chinese language albums. Since then Sandy has gradually moved beyond the Hong Kong music scene and spent most of her time in Taiwan, China, and Japan exploring new opportunities.

Lam returned to the music scene with a hit single “至少還有你” (At Least I’ve Got You) from her first album with Virgin in 2000. It was on the KTV Music Chart for 8 months. In December 2001 she released a Mandarin-language album entitled “Truly Sandy”, on which she co-wrote four songs.


Tickets are the same standard prices for such world class acts. $168, S$138, S$118, S$98, S$68. She will be showing her vocal powers on the 18th of October 2008, 8:00PM at Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Tickets are all sold at SISTIC .



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